To report an outage, a downed wire, or life-threatening situation, please call:  
1-207-760-2300 (PI Area) or
1-877-655-4448 (Toll Free)
Please do not report emergencies through e-mail. 
It doesn't happen often, but power outages do occur for a variety of reasons.  Most power interruptions tend to be local and of short duration.  However, if a widespread outage occurs, it will most likely be due to extreme weather conditions.  The repairs our crews perform are dangerous and especially difficult in extreme weather conditions.  Under these conditions it is impossible for our crews to restore power to everyone at once.  Call us to report a power outage, downed line, or any other power emergency.  During a major outage, we open additional phone lines and call in extra staff to respond to customer phone calls.  Even then, our phone lines can sometimes become overloaded.  Please, keep trying!  Your call is important and helps us identify the sources causing the power outage.
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