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Heat Pumps

PowerSmart Maine Heat Pumps  

Plug Into Energy Savings

Reduce your heating costs by up to 50 percent with an energy-efficient ductless heat pump. 

Hundreds of Bangor Hydro and Maine Public Service customers took advantage of our heat pump pilot program in the last year and are saving thousands of dollars in heating costs.  The program was so successful, it has been adopted by Efficiency Maine Trust, which is offering a $500 rebate to customers who install a qualifying ductless heat pump. 

In addition to the rebate, customers who install a qualifying ductless heat pump will be eligible for a reduced electric rate during the heating season as well as a Federal tax credit.

Why consider a mini-split heat pump?
  • An efficient heat pump can pay for itself through energy savings.
  • It's a clean, comfortable, and convenient supplemental heat source.
  • Heat pumps not only heat, they cool and dehumidify.
  • Customers who heat with heat pumps may qualify for a lower electric heat delivery rate for all electricity used during the heating season. (Applies only to Residential Customers.) Please remember that while your heat pump is intended to offset your expenses from other fuel sources, your electricity will increase. 
    Will a heat pump help me reduce my heating cost?
  • At today's prices, we estimate that using an efficient heat pump to supplement your existing heat source will reduce your overall heating costs. Calculate your energy savings using the Cost of Heating Comparison Calculator on the Efficiency Maine Website.

  • The money saved each year is expected to be enough to pay for the heat pump in three to five years. Once the heat pump is paid for, those savings go right back into your wallet. The estimated heating cost savings are expected to cover the cost of your heat pump loan. Actual performance will vary site to site, but we expect heat pumps to be a great opportunity for our customers to take control of their energy costs and save.

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